Thursday, April 3, 2008

Carol came over last night

...and of course we had a bottle of wine.....girly gossip goes so well with it. I went through my 'wine-depot' and choose Valle de Vistalba. An Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon (100%). The colour was a nice deep red and the blackcurrant aroma turned into a rich flavour at the end of the palette. We had some simple crackers with Labneh which I still had marinating in olive oil and herbs. You can get the wine in Dunnes Stores and it is good enough for a girly night in as it doesn't distract from the gossip ;-) but has enough flavour not to bore you.
What did we talk (we both are big supporters of Manchester United). We loved the fact that Chelsea lost last night and we took the opportunity to toast to that ;-)
Did we talk about men??? Hey, we are girls......what do you think....hehe

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