Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cheese Making

Went to Brennans last night to learn how to make cheese. Did I learn it? Not more than I already knew apart from the chemistry behind the processes. I already made my own Labneh and Paneer and Claire showed how this is done including how to make yogurt. Haven't done yogurt since my days in Turkey where everyone made it back then. So she shuffled me in the right direction again. Why buy stuff that was made in a factory when it is so easy to make it yourself at home. And the way, she served the Labneh was just yummy. The Queso Blanco was mixed with wilted spinach, garlic and roasted chopped almonds and then piped into little sweet peppers....gosh, was I in heaven (went to Tesco this morning and yupeeh....they have a jar of the small guess what I will have tonight ;-).
And of course, Claire won't let us dry she served a lovely white Cote du Rhone (LePas de la Beaume) from Bubble Brothers (€11.90). A mixture of 60% white Grenache, 35% Clairette, 5% Roussanne. Light, refreshing and a bit acid which went so well with the cheeses.
Again, I had a lovely time. Brennans will take it easy over the summer months (apart from the kids summer camp), so I am looking forward to the autumn season in which Claire will try to get a cheese making course in that includes cheeses with rennet (the proper stuff ;-)
Cheesy Greetings

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