Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Kitchen Garden

My dad and myself started last weekend to plant our vegetables. We started with potatoes, leeks, parsnips, carrots, turnips, courgettes and tomatoes. At the moment it is just a brownish grey matter but with a bit of sun and warmth we should be seeing the first few 'greenlings' putting an appearance in soon. I have planted Yellow Courgettes (and of course a lot of the green variety) and can't wait to see the flowers and cook them....stuffed with homemade goat's cheese, pine nuts and sage.....yummy.... soon I will get my pumpkin seeds out and hope that my harvest in autumn will be as rich as last years one.

I am really lucky that I have such a big garden behind my house, surrounded by farming fields and that my dad is the most talented farming gardener/gardening farmer around. I tried to get some seeds for Jerusalem artichokes but couldn't find any. Let me know if you know of a place that sells them.

I will keep you posted about the progress of the kitchen garden (hope that we don't have any major mishaps....).

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