Monday, April 21, 2008

My weekend

I had a lovely weekend - and no, I didn't meet George Clooney and I didn't win the jackpot either but I spoilt myself. I went to the market to visit Bubble Brothers (haven't been in a while) and I treated myself to a nice bottle of Villadoria Barolo (2003). A lovely year for wine with the hot sun bringing the best out of the grapes. So I decided that I need a nice cheese plate to go with it...especially as I expected Carol to come over. I got some nice Durrus.

When Carol came, I had to admit that I had already my fair share of the cheese but I tried my best not to drink the wine before she arrived. So, I just opened the bottle and let it breathe for a while and wow....the bouquet was intense so that my will power was really tested to the limit. Thanks God, Carol came soon enough and we both enjoyed the wine to its full. It was dry and velvety and it put a big smile on our faces...lovely evening, great wine, tasty cheese and very good company....what more does a girl need... ;-)
Yesterday I had a bottle Wyndham Estate Bin 444 Cabernet Sauvignon (2004). Nice but nothing to write home about. But it went well with my homemade goat's cheese.

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