Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trish's Paris Kitchen

The second episode of Trish's Paris Kitchen was broadcasted yesterday and again she showed the 'typical' French lifestyle. ...of course I believe that they eat Fois Gras, Truffles and Lobster all the time. Still, the information given was excellent. She went to Helene Darroze's Restaurant which has been awarded Michelin Star and watched Helene cooking up some Fois Gras like Fois Gras Brulee etc...doubt it that I will be able to cook that dish at home (apart from being unable to source fresh Fois Gras outside of France).

She then went on to show us Terre de Truffes, a shop and restaurant devoted to French Truffles. According to Trish, the best in the world....what would the Italians say to that??? Anyway, the shop even sells truffle jam and truffle caramel....hmmmm not sure about that now. Check out their website they have recipes and a lot of information on that site (French only as far as I could see).

I think I really have to go to Paris one of these days...I might wait until the end of the series to have a list of shops I have to go to...(I think I need a truck to get back to Cork then ;-).

Recipes from this series can be found on the RTE website (wasn't updated this morning tho.)

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