Monday, May 19, 2008

My weekend

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I didn't do much these days just taking it easy. I did have some of the lovely wine tho. Friday and Saturday I had the Les Jarmelles Syrah 2007, a lovely rose made of 100% Syrah grapes. It was summer in a glass, rich fruit but still a lovely dry finish.

Carol brought back a Cabernet Sauvignon from Crete called 'Dark Passion' from Michalakis which I had yesterday. This was a vintage from 2003, dark ruby red colour, deep fruit flavour. All in all a well bodied wine.

Before I had to pick up Beate & Michael from the airport Saturday night, I went to Lorraine for the final leg of her hen party. All the girls from Galway were there and some who didn't make it. Great fun but I had to cut it short for the 2 visitors from Germany. We took them yesterday around the country for a bit. Ended up in Kenmare where I haven't been in years. Found the Kenmare Food Company. A lovely old fashioned shop with a fine selection of coffees, teas, cheeses, chocolates, cakes & breads and a small but fine choice of wines. The wines are stored in a different room, almost a cellar. An antique bottle opener was attached to a very old table. Wine tastings in these surroundings must be great. Didn't buy any wine as I have to drink some of the wines I got in the last couple of weeks. But if you are in the area of Kenmare, pay them a visit. It is a lovely shop. The shop is located in 22 Henry Street, Kenmare.

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