Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Kitchen Garden

I am so lucky living in the country side with a big garden and having a dad who is gifted not only with a green thumb but with green everything. I just do as I am told and most of the time I have no idea what I am doing but in the end...it works. My dad grew up on a farm in Cambridgeshire and he hasn't forgotten what his dad taught him. His mum used to have a greenhouse in which she grew tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes etc.

Since this year, dad also got a greenhouse and our tomatoes are coming along nicely. Our potatoes are in full bloom, the carrots are growing as they suppose to, our strawberries are the juiciest you can imagine and the rhubarb is yummy. Cauliflower, cabbage and turnip will be ready in late summer/early autumn as well as the parsnips. Our zucchini has already nice flowers on them and I am still arguing with my dad to get a few (he doesn't want to give up some of the zucchinis) but I think I am on the winning streak. Got some lovely Knocknalara Sheep cheese on Saturday and can't wait to fill the flowers with the cheese and some pine nuts and to deep fry them in a light batter. I will serve the flowers with a nice cider cream sauce....made it last year and I was in heaven....and nope, I don't think I am going to share this :-)

Below some images from the garden...

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! I am envy you....... :-)
Nothing is better than fruit&vegetables from the own garden.