Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ristorante Casanova

One of my favourite restaurants here in Cork is Ristorante Casanova . They are located in North Main Street (opposite AIB), the front of the restaurant looks inviting and the interior invites you to leave reality outside and simply enjoy the damn good food. I have been a couple of times and always go for the handmade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta.....and truffles with a light cream sauce. It might sound not like a signature dish.....but I forbid Casanova ever to take this dish off the menu...anyway, the rest of the menu is just fantastic as well. The vegetarian options are plentiful and the chef doesn't make choosing easy on you.

And now.....Casanova opened a deli and wine shop just next door. And swupp.....I went in. The selection of pastas is good and of Italian origin. They have all types of olive oil and a small but very good selection of Italian wines. But here it comes........they stock 00 flour (that is the flour Italians use for their pasta) which I wasn't able to get hold of in Ireland so far. Admittingly it is not cheap but I hope that the quality of the pasta will make up for that. They also offer truffles. A small jar (and I mean SMALL) sets you back €15.50 while a jar of pickled truffle will cost you €22.00.

There is counter with antipasti, different hams and cheeses which includes....fresh (yeap fresh) ricotta. You can also get yeast in small cubes. But I think I will stick with Iago on that one (who is selling fresh yeast in 1kg blocks).

So, now there is no excuse not to make your own pasta (it is actually easier than you think) and enjoy a plate of homemade pasta in the evening on the patio with a lovely glass of Chianti (or 2). Watch the video on how to make paste here .

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