Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tast.ie Blog

I love browsing through other peoples blogs. Simply to see what they are up to and to learn new things. Some of the recipes out there are amazing (just go onto Hannah's Country Kitchen and search for the Chocolate Brownies with Rolos - yum). Anyway, I came across this blog, called Spicendipity, the other day as Deborah, who runs it, left a message on my blog. And of course I had to sneak around a bit. Deborah is selling homemade sauces and spice mixes through her blog. She is located in Tullamore but she is offering mail order service. She is publishing recipes as well as organising food related events. She is coming to Cork next weekend for the Taste of Cork and will go to Cafe Paradiso....(of course she is ;-). Deborah seems to be very active and that leaves me with lots of ideas for Cork. Have a look through her blog and enjoy the site and recipes.


Deborah said...

Thanks so much for the link Elke. I've been around for ages as The Humble Housewife (http://blog.humblehousewife.com)... just recently moved over to tast.ie. Hope to have the business launched soon!

Maybe I'll see you around at TOC! :)

Elke said...


Being married, having two kids and launching a business and keeping a blog going....Fair play. I am officially impressed here. Had a browse through the humble housewife and couldn't see anything humble about it. Your blogs rock.

How many do you have for your Cafe Paradiso dinner?? And hope to see you at the TOC ;-)