Wednesday, August 13, 2008

River Cottage Handbook No. 2

I love the River Cottage Series. Not only is it great to watch and I learn every time something new but HFW is a very witty writer and it is always fun to listen to him and watch him on his adventures....saying all that, I never bought a book from the series until now.

As I am madly into making preserves, I am always on the lookout for some cookbook specialised in this subject (not as many out there as you might think - at least not in Eason's and Waterstones) so my face sported a big smile when I saw that the second of the River Cottage Handbooks covered my favourite subject. So off I went and got it. It is a book that fits neatly into a handbag (no need to take the dishwasher out first) but it is packed with information and recipes. And as we speak I have raspberries steeping up my vinegar for the - hopefully - most amazing raspberry vinegar ever. My next project will be the spicy apple chutney..... and I am planning to harvest all the elderberries around the island to make Pontack Sauce...

This book is not written by Mr River Cottage himself but by Pam Corbin and you can order a signed copy here .

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