Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wine Tasting Review

Our last wine tasting was a blast with 14 people attending. We had a tasting of Shiraz wines and it was amazing how different the quality and taste of the wines were. And it happened again...my favourite wine Goedverwacht was slated..again...anyway, here are the results:

  • Honey Tree, Sparkling, Australia, 62.3%

  • Goedverwacht, Shiraz Rose, South Africa, 57,9%

  • Louise de L'Oiseau, Syrah Grenache, France, 56,9%

  • Nugan Estate 2004, Australia, 69.7%

  • McManis 2005, California, 80%

  • Juno 2006, South Africa, 66.3%

  • Comte de Margon 2006, Cabernet Syrah, France, 77.4%

  • Kumala 2005, Pinotage Shiraz, Western Cape (South Africa), 85.3%

  • Jacobs Creek 2004, Grenache Shiraz, Australia, 79.2%

Food served was sesame prawn toasts, mozzarella friters, pumpkin patties, mushroom frittatas etc. Clarisse brought a lovely Portuguese dessert which vanished petty quickly....


Irish Wine Contemplations said...


Sounds like fun! How do you organize this? Do you just ask everyone to bring along a shiraz based wine and taste blind? The Kuimala won? Would you recommend it?


Elke said...

Hi Will,

You won't believe it but the Kumala was part of an offer at an off license here in Cork (5 bottles for 20)...the wine wasn't bad but nothing I would write home about....I opened the reds about 3 hours beforehand...

The way I organised it, was simply to check which wine I had the most of...and since I love Shiraz, it was choosen. Everybody normally brings a bottle but I don't always use them in the wine tastings. Sofie got me a lovely Amerone once....trust me ..that was all mine ;-)