Monday, September 8, 2008

Cafe Goa in Waterford

I love Indian Food....simply because it is damn good food when properly cooked and it has lots of options for me as a vegetarian. So when I arrived in Waterford on Saturday, I discovered that next to the hotel was an Indian restaurant, called Cafe Goa. It looked nice and neat from the outside so I decided to pay them a visit later that evening (was only opening for dinner anyway). After the disappointment with Terra Madre (I simply came too late for the cooking demonstration), I went to the hotel bar, watched the qualifier match Ireland / Georgia (by the way, they will have to get their gear together soon if they want to qualify this time around), had 2 pints of Bulmers and went next door at about 6:50 (the restaurant was really just next door).Was greeted by a young waiter and seated but was then inform by the restaurant manager that he needs the table at 7:30 ( the restaurant was apart from 2 other tables empty). So I didn't bother with the card but asked if the paneer was made on the premises or if they ordered it in. After being told that they make it themselves, I asked for Matar Paneer and Naan Bread. I wasn't asked if I wanted rice or anything to drink with it. So I assumed that the dish came with rice anyway, which was a big mistake on my part. So I had to ask for water and a portion of rice. The food itself was lovely although nothing to write home about. The staff was watching the dining room and I was feeling watched rather than looked after.

Bang on time, I asked for the bill. Wasn't asked if I like dessert or if I was happy with the meal. Saying that, it seems that this restaurant is quite busy with take away and the prices for the dishes were okay enough without feeling ripped off.

I think the owner has the ambition to create a fine dining experience but he is far away from this goal....maybe if his staff was a bit more experienced (although they are friendly).

The restaurant is quite small and the tables and chair are of cheap make. the paper table cloth does not help the appearance much either especially as there were no proper tablecloths underneath. Saying that, the serviettes were made of fabric. There was cheap looking panelling on the wall, several paintings hanging on the has no Indian feel to it (and I don't mean the kitchy stuff) especially as Edith Piaf was playing in the background (and believe me, I love Edith Piaf a lot in the right atmosphere)...Will I go again......nope....and nope....


Fudee said...

I think the best Paneer,certainly in Dublin, is to be found at the Govinda Cafes. Try it out next time you're in the big(ger) smoke!

Elke said...

Thanks for the tip, Fudee...will keep it in mind for the next time I am up in Dubbie..

The best paneer I ever had was actually in Birmingham...don't ask me now which of the one million restaurants it was..but it was mind blowing.