Monday, September 22, 2008

Skibbereen Food Festival Part 3

Having had a great Friday, I had of course great expectations for Saturday. Mona has asked me what time I wanted breakfast and we agreed on 8:30. When I came down, there was no sign of her (and I even waited a bit) I went upstairs again to relaxed a bit more. By 9:45 she came out in a fury as her alarm clock was still showing 7:15.....but that didn't stop her to prepare a lovely breakfast consisting of a fruit plate with melon, mixed berries and yogurt and fruit coulis in a very attractive way presented. The 'main course' was slices of very good bacon (saw it, but didn't eat it - forgot to mention that I am a veggie), Welsh Rarebit, fried egg on toast, grilled tomato and pan fried mushrooms. Brown bread and very good butter completed the morning feast.

I was ready to see the country market which was held at the car park. A great mixture of food producer and car boot. I decided to go onto the boat trip offered (Ten island Tour) so I headed to Baltimore. It was my first time in Baltimore...and as nice as the day was, you can't do anything but sailing....anyway, I had a stroll around the village and waited for the boat to arrive. Met Monica Murphy from Le Febvre with her two 'golden' grandsons and we stayed together on the boat and had a lovely chat - not wine related this time ;-). food offered on the boat were sandwiches and cakes with some lovely red and white wine (didn't get to see the label but the red wine was lovely although cooled).

After the boat trip which lasted 2.5 hours, I headed home to open a lovely bottle of 1998 Produttori del Barbaresco...which went so well with the cheese I still had from the night before. Another day which was spent the way it was intended to be.
Sunday morning saw me heading back to Skibbereen (guess the car finds its way by itself by now) for the open air food and craft market. And I am glad I did as it was the type of market we should have more than just once a year. There were food producer, crafters and gardeners offering their products...and it was hard not to go overboard. You should have seen the cakes, chocolates, chutneys, lemonade, oils, meats etc....Simone from Slowfood Cork City was there to offer some really great olive oil from a small Italian producer. It tasted fresh and soon as I have finished the bottle I have still at home, I will head to Interior Living in McCurtain Street in Cork City to get some of this fantastic oil.

The weekend ended with a visit at Lindas who was minding her nephew and niece....learned a new game as well called Hide & Seek...and of course I lost....
Hope you all had a weekend that can match mine ;-)


Oliver said...

Hi Elke
I really enjoy your blog! Do you work in the food industry? You seem to go along to all these fantastic foodie events everywhere. I live in Leitrim and the most foodie excitement I get here is reading your blog!!!

Keep up the good work.

Oliver Clausov

Elke said...

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, the weekend was great fun and I am already looking forward to Sunday where we will be visiting a Dexter Beef farm. I am not really working in food, I just love cooking and I support anyone who is making an effort to keep traditions in food alive. I get sometimes hired by friends when they plan a special meal and I cook either part or all of it.

Keep coming back. By the way, isn't there a Slow Food Convivium in Leitrim?? Check out and click on the link for local/regional pages. You might find that there is a lot going on...;-)