Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Terra Madre in Waterford

The Terra Madre took off last Thursday in Waterford. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be in Waterford for the entire time - now I wish I could have been there. I decided to take the bus rather than coming by car but that meant that I was in Waterford just before lunchtime - too late to attend the only 2 cooking demonstration on that day. Never mind, I thought, since it being lunchtime, simply go to the Slice of Waterford. Found Jenkins Lane quite quickly especially as posters directed me gently towards it.

It was a long tent where Waterfords best restaurants took up residence for the day. I had a snoop around and was mildly disappointed, firstly because the vegetarian option was pasta with a salmon sauce (something I simply don't like), baked potatoes or strawberries...not great options if you ask me. The tent was busy tho and I think most people went for the lamb burger but I took a rain check and went for a stroll through Waterford - it being my first time here.

Found the Terra Madre office and learned that the picnic for Sunday was cancelled due to flooding of the park. What a pity as that leaves just the farmer's market to visit...but it was well worth it. I helped out at the SlowFood van and sold lovely aprons and bags to the crowd. There was a buzz around especially as the weather was simply fantastic. Clodagh McKenna and Darina Allen opened the market and it very hard not to be infected by their love for the 'cause'. and guess what....we were located in front of McDonalds.....hope people got the hint ;-)

Waterford is a lovely town with small alleys and the people are almost as nice as in Cork ;-)

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Caroline@Bibliocook said...

I see by your pictures that I only just missed bumping into you in Waterford, Elke. I was around the same areas but didn't see you - this time!