Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wine Tasting in Vibes & Scribes

I got this information through a friend. Paul Flynn from the Tannery in Waterford will be re-launching his cookbook at Vibes & Scribes on Sunday at 4pm in the branch in Lavitt's Quay. Wine is offered and Paul will be there to sign his book and talk about his restaurant and I bet you can catch one or two tips from him.

The Tannery is Caz & Jan's favourite restaurant, I haven't been there yet so I think I will start with the wine tasting on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

We went to the Tannery in September and were very dissappointed. It was over priced and the service was terrible and to make it worse it was on a quiet Saturday night. To add insult to injury some of the wine prices were marked up MORE than 300% above cost. That it crimnal.

Elke said...

Hi there,

I have met a couple of people lately who said the same about the Tannery. As I said, I haven't been there yet. Caz & Jan love it and normally they are not easy to impress. I might be going soon and write a review about them :-)