Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Kitchen Garden in April/May

Wasn't the weather dreadful??? It is still cold and we were quite delayed in getting all things in the ground we planned to (have to admit that my garden desires are almost non-existing when it rains). Anyway, clever as we are, we have sown some seeds indoors and are starting now to transplant them into the garden. So, our cabbages are going into the ground now, my super duper Jerusalem Artichokes will find a place today - didn't know that the foliage will grow up to 2 metres (daddy wasn't happy), the pumpkins are ready to find a spot as well and the same goes for the zucchinis (hope that I can grab some flowers again this year (have to snip them without daddy seeing it). We have decided to leave the tomatoes in the green house and are starting now with the autumn veggies.

Our strawberries are starting to show the first flowers, the raspberries are a bit slow but they are tough little things. My blueberry tree is looking promising, just need to get a net over it when the first berries appear - apparently birds love them as much as I do. The apple trees have already some nice flowers on them (just the trees I got from Sofie don't seem to like it here).

Our rhubarb looks healthy as always, the spuds are showing their greens and the onions are already smiling at us.

What to do next: We need to get the red cabbage out as well as the cauliflower, plant the autumn crop like parsnip, beetroot, celeriac and turnip.

Watch this space for some more updates.

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