Thursday, July 9, 2009

Am I a Beer Nut?? worries, I love my wine too much to convert completely to beer. But saying that, after having tasted Chris' beer I was surprised how mild and smooth beer can be. Anyway, after having met Chris at the Grow.Bake.Cook award I kind of invited myself to Sherkin (a pity that the summer market was cancelled last Sunday). The weather couldn't really stop me from seeing a new place - having never been to Sherkin. Matt met me at the boat and brought me up to Chris's house which is nicely nestled in a row of little cottages. There he showed me his homemade wine selection which included Marrow Wine, Pineapple Wine and other varieties.

Of course, I was eager to know all about brewing and after listening to Chris, it must be dead easy....yeah right. He just seems so laid back and when asked how do you do it....he simply answers, you collect what you want to use and do it...simple :-)

Chris also brews his own beer and after telling him that he could become my dad's next best friend, he took the 'slight' hint and gave me a 1.5 litre bottle of homebrew. He told me to leave it until Wednesday due to the transport (and sure enough my driving wouldn't suit it either).

So yesterday was the big and myself done some gardening and we thought we deserve a nice cold drink. So out came the bottle and dad's face lit up....I only got one small glass as dad reminded me that I brought the bottle home for him....hmmmmm....might have to return to Sherkin for a top-up. The beer was smooth, not too bitter and simply perfect after hard gardening. The photo shows my dad with his beer and my strawberries.

Thanks was yummy

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