Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Bodega

Linda and myself are famous for meeting for lunch in town and on Tuesday we decided that we need to try out the new Bodega. I still remember the old Bodega, all bare walls in white with big paintings. Wobbly tables and chairs. I loved it. Sundays was brunch time where the whole family seemed to spend the day to the sound of jazz.

The new Bodega is completely different. The bar used to be opposite the entrance but now it has been moved to the left side of the room. It is impressive. Big and massive with tall mirrored shelves. Dark wood and a fantastic fleece in the middle. The floor in front of the bar is tiled in black and white while the rest of the room is wooden. A few rugs here and there. Black tables (and no they are not wobbly) and chairs match the dark wood of the bar. The two entrances have been framed also in dark wood. Large fake marble pillars complete the 'Grand Flair'. Black and white photograph are mixed with oil paintings and I am not sure if this works as well as the plain dark grey painted walls. The staff is dressed in the traditional black apron and although our waiter was friendly and attentive, no one seemed to smile which I normally see as a bad sign. The restaurant wasn't too busy but wasn't empty either. Easy to manage by the staff.

The menu starts with oysters and seafood soup but I was opting for the goats' cheese salad. The young cheese was breaded and fried but still firm (just the way I like it). The salad consisted of leaves, mandarins and toasted almonds. The raspberry vinaigrette was a bit too creamy for my liking and missed a bit of a punch. Linda was starving but she also ordered the salad but asked for a side portion of chips which were McCains finest (wonder if I ever find a restaurant where chips are actually made from spuds). We ordered both a glass of Merlot which had the right temperature and went down nicely but I am not sure about the name as we were not handed the wine list.

The dessert menu included gluten free chocolate brownies (no option for greedy people like me to have the whole punch of gluten), apple and cinnamon crumble and wild berry mille feuille. Linda ordered the crumble which came in form of a tart and a scoop of cognac icecream. The pastry was just perfect, the crumble crunchy and the flavour of cinnamon was waving across the table to me (and of course I stuck my fork in). I opted for the wild berry mille feuille. Of course, the berries weren't wild and it was only strawberries and raspberries but the filo pastry was crunchy, sweet, the berries have not been meddled with and the creme patisseriere was as it should be. Not too runny but not set either but full of vanilla flavour.

The bill for both of us came to €47. Not bad but you wouldn't do it every day. Hope they start to smile soon. Sorry for the lack of photos but my battery starts playing up.....and there website is still under construction.

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