Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Kitchen Garden

The weather isn't really stable these days but dad is still out all day to tend to the garden. I try to get out of garden duty when I see the slightest cloud on the horizon. Anyhow, dad and I had something to celebrate the other day as we are the proud 'parents' of 4 duck babies (and the funny thing is that they were hatched by a chicken - nope that ain't a joke). They are still too small so that I was not allowed to take pics (so I hope you enjoy the photos of our last little duckies).

The unstable weather resulted in our onions going to seed (and that is not a good thing if you like onions). Our red cabbage is kind of lazy coming along and the slugs really loved the brusselsprouts I planted so carefully. Apart from this, our carrots, white cabbages, leeks, beans, spuds, sunchokes, blueberries, raspberries are coming on nicely. We had already a good harvest of strawberries but the wet weather in between is not doing them any good. We are actually going for a polytunnel for next year. Anyhow, the garden is still lovely to look at and the new potatoes are just the ticket. Can't wait for the rest to come along.

In our 'greenhouse', we have the most juiciest cucumbers, the tomatoes are rich but still green, the peppers are growing and have already their flowers on (so it's only a matter of time until we get yummy peppers) and the aubergines - which we tried the first time this year - are lovely to look at with their purple flowers.

In our 'autumn' corner we have pumpkin trailing along and I have already collected a fast amount of ideas what to do with them.....any ideas are welcome :-)

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