Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Clef du Vin - A year in a second

I am not the most patient person of all (I am sure this is news to my friends :-)....anyhow, I am also very much aware that we are living in a fast paced time where no one got time and everything needs to be done by yesterday. Coming to wine, I always took my time, opening the bottle, letting it breathe, pouring it in a glass - I even got 'special' glasses for 'special' occasions. Then I sit down, enjoy the smell, savour the flavour and most of the time (if the wine is worth is), I have a silly smile on my face. You can taste the age of a wine, even of the grape, it got this special feel to it when it was stored in oak barrels and it made you feel special.....but now, the 'fast speed' has reached the wine industry (not sure how long this little gadget is around but it won't find its way into my drawer). If you don't want to wait along time before opening your bottle, here is the solution. Why age an wine in a bottle for a few years when you have the Clef du Vin which does the job for you in a few seconds. Below is the ad from the website of The Wine Enthusiast which is selling the gadget for $79 at the moment (Brown Thomas is selling it as well for €149).

Using a Clef du Vin, or "wine key", helps simulate the passage of time on a bottle of a wine. Dipped in a glass of wine one second for every year of aging desired, the metal alloy speeds the oxidation process changing the wine's taste, in effect mimicking the effect of cellaring. Wine collectors will use the Clef du Vin to predict how well a bottle may age helping them decide which wines are worth keeping and when their ideal drinking age will be.

Let me know what you think about it.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the heads up Elke. Combining two of my passions; gadgets and wine. €150 is a bit steep though, must start saving.

Elke said...

Hi Kevin,

Not sure if I like this's like cheating, isn't it??? :-)