Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cool Blogs

... I am a boring old bore...reading the same blogs all the time (Bubble Brothers, Alinea at home and Irish Wine Contemplations and a few others) I thought it is time to widen my horizon.... And guess what, there are a lot of food & wine blogs out there. So in the mood of making this blog more interesting (I started with the series 'Behind the Scenes' already) I will be writing about cool blogs on the web (cool in my definition). This is not meant as 'reviewing' the blogs or even slating them - just to share with you the finds.

The first blog I like to introduce to you is called 'Not Without Salt'. Written by a former pastry chef (and I do love pastry chefs) it is listed on the 50 best foodie blogs at Times Online which I assume is an achievement in itself (as I am NOT on did this happen?).

The photographs alone are worth a visit as they are simply great. Recipes are focused on pastry & baking (one of my favourite subjects) and some are even supplied with videos as the puff pastry video proofs. Brilliant step-by-step instructions are included and if you have never made puff pastry yourself but want to give it a try - this video will help you big time (it is still a great amount of work).

The woman behind the blog is Ashley E. Rodriguez, an American pastry chef. She worked with the likes of Sherry Yard which in itself if quite an achievement. Anyhow, Ashely is married with kids and lives in the Northwest of the US (I assume near Seattle as this is were she is from) and put her business on hold to look after her 2 kids. Good for us as she started her blog and says about herself:

'For me food is so much more than following a recipe in order to reach a desired product. As much as I enjoy that tasty product and the process in which it was created, my personal infatuation with food focuses on the aspects that go beyond satisfying a bodily hunger. I am completely and utterly obsessed with food because of its effect on the people who consume it, grow it, produce it, enjoy it, and live for it. Food is culture, it nourishes our bodies, it is passion, it is hard work, and for many it is their livelihood.

My hope is that this blog will teach you techniques and recipes, encourage you to try new things, and inspire you to think beyond what it is that you are creating.'

Have fun browsing through the recipes.....I might try the Raspberry, Honey and Black Tea Sorbet when I get a minute.

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Kevin said...

Hi Elke,
Thanks for sharing that great blog with us.
I love the combination of great interesting reciepes with gorgeous mouth-watering photo's.
I look forward to reading and maybe trying out some in the near future.