Friday, August 21, 2009

First Beer Tasting ...

... and it might be the last one. One of the blogs I follow up regularly is the Beer Nut - a blog dedicated to - and here you might be surprised - BEER. Anyhow, the beer nut recommended an American beer that my dad might like. So, I thought I treat my dad a bit and get him some more unusual beer. Off I went to the Abbot' Ale House which praises itself to have the biggest collection on different beers in Cork if not Ireland. But silly me forgot the list with the names the beer nut recommended -so there I was - all alone in the shop with a huge guy who looked at me with this knowing look - he knew I was a fake, that I had no idea what I was looking for. So I thought, be truthful and tell him that you want to treat your dad to some beer. Told him that daddy loves his German beer and that he hates beer that is sweet. So, what did the 'expert' recommend:

Tyskie - Poland
Baltijos - Lithuania

Gaffel Kolsch - Germany

Asahi - Japan

Pere Jaques 2009 - US (Chicago)

I wasn't so sure about the Japanese one - although Bubble Brothers are selling IKI Beer from Japan - but thought that the German beer might do it at least. And how did daddy rate the beer (we used 1 - 5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest - logically):

Tyskie - 0.5
Baltijos - 1.5
(he compared it to Budweiser which he hates)
Gaffel Kolsch - 3 (nothing compared with other German beers)
Asahi - 3 (he was actually surprised that it wasn't too bad)
Pere Jaques 2009 - -100 (he actually had to brush his teeth after the beer as the taste was so sweet that he thought even hours later that he still got it in his mouth).

He was actually asking me if I am trying to kill him off gently as the beer was really bad for his taste. I will not be giving up - he will get more beer but next time I will take the list of the beer nut with me to make sure that I have someone to blame if dad hates it again :-)


Lorna Hartnett said...


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Elke said...

Hi Lorna,

Thanks so much for this info. I bet some of the guys will be delighted to come and dine in THE RESTAURANT. As it happens, we are having a dinner tonight and I will pass it on.


Kevin said...

Hey Elke,

Your Dad must be one tough customer. You know what they say "If at 1st you don't succeed, try and try again."

Here some fav's of mine;
Polish - Zwyeic
Czech Rep - Pilsner Urquell.

john said...

Tyskie - yea it is not the best beer ;)) if you know what I mean ;))) But suprisingly it has been sold to submiller by Kulczyk Holding

Elke said...

Hi John,

yeah this beer seems to be quite bad but a lot of people seem to drink it.Anyhow, still have to get the 2nd beer tasting of the ground :-)

Watch this space