Saturday, September 19, 2009

Caz & Jan

Congratulations to Caz & Jan who got married on Friday. It was one of the nicest weddings I have been to (and I am not saying that because I am mad about the two of them). Both are amazing people and they made sure that everyone had a good time at their wedding. Caz looked simply beautiful and guess, Jan was the envy of every man in that church :-)

The ceremony was performed in St. Patrick's Church, Lower Glanmire Road and the reception afterwards was held at Fleming's Restaurant in Tivoli. Both are foodies so it was important that the food was exceptional - and it was. Caz & Jan are both very laid back people and they didn't want the seating plan and formal dinner - so they arranged for a BBQ at Flemings. And Michael Fleming did not disappoint. The food was amazing - I was lucky to grab a bit of the lobster - with all tastes catered for.

I was very honoured when Caz & Jan asked me to create the wedding cake for them. Let me tell you, I didn't sleep for about a week - I was so worried that they might not like it. True in their style, they didn't want a traditional wedding cake but 3 layers combining a chocolate biscuit layer cake, a Dutch spiced apple cake and the smallest one a fruit cake but no icing.....both don't like sugarpaste.....I am not the best in getting chocolate very smooth but I tried my best. Testing all kind of ganaches I came finally up with a lovely mixture that worked. Eve St Leger of Eve's Chocolate was a big help as she tried and tested some mixtures for me as well. Her chocolates are just amazing and there is nothing this woman doesn't know about chocolate.

Anyhow, Caz' favourite colour is purple and her favourite flowers are orchids, so it became clear very quickly that I am using these 2 components. Thankfully, they loved the cake and I was a very happy woman.

I also made the invitations, printed the boxes for her favours and made chocolates for the favours. I was happy to add to the sparkle of the wedding - 2 of my best friends had a marvellous day and I wish them all the best for the future :-) the way, I can also be hired as wedding planner :-)


Julian said...

Good grief! Amazing cakery. Even the Bubble-Brothers-purple silk doesn't detract from the impressive results of your hard work ;)

If there are weddings as good as that still around (I like Fleming's very much), I need to get me invited to some.

Elke said...

Thanks Julian....I was happy enough how the cakes turned out. Bride & Groom were over the moon. Can't see white chocolate anymore tho. :-) but it was fun making them.

Flemings was great. Michael has a great sense of humour (I actually told him how to prepare haloumi) and his food is really really good. Have to ask him what the bubbly was we had as welcome drink. Pink, girlie and stylish....really nice

Caroline@Bibliocook said...

Surely you mean cakes rather than cake?! They look amazing, Elke. Would that I could have been there to snaffle a taste.

Caz Hogan-O' said...

The cakes were not amazing people, that's a lie. I am the bride and I should know. Amazing doesn't do them justice :) :) :). There is no word to describe just how DELICIOUS these cakes were! They were heavenly, and people are STILL talking about how utterly fantastic they were. :):):)
By the way....the invitations, thank you cards, chocolates and wedding favour boxes were exceptional. If anyone else is getting married soon, I would HIGHLY recommend my dear friend and talented culinary artist Elke.

jane leonard said...

Elke,They look delicious . I love they way you take "normal things" like wedding cakes and turn them into little pieces of art that reflect the personality of the Bride & Groom !

Elke said...

Ahhh, thank you Jane. I have to say, we still talk about the cake and I am delighted to say that Caz and Jan are expecting their first child and I am already in the planning stage for a lovely Christening cake