Monday, September 7, 2009

Market at Elisabeth Fort

I finally made it to the market at Elisabeth Fort yesterday and of course I had to pick the worst weather for the trip. Anyhow, the idea of the market at this place is great - especially since it has been a market place in its beginning. The space is big and the handful stalls got a bit lost in there. The weather might have been the reason why not all stalls were present. We had 3 baking stalls (yeap, as I mentioned before - baking is the rage at the moment), 1 jewellery, something with clay, plants and bicycles. I love the mixture of craft and food - but would have loved more variety.

As this is the first of many markets at Elisabeth Fort - at least I hope they continue it next year - it might develop into a bigger market with lots more on offer.

And hopefully, next summer will be similar to the summer of 2005 - we can still have hope and faith :-)

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