Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Sunday

Sunday was such a lovely day that I picked up Wendy and we headed to Ardmore....I wanted to pay the Cliff House Hotel a visit to try their food (remember, they got a Michelin Star awarded) and Wendy wanted to walk along the beach.....so we headed off..

The weather was just amazing and no traffic. Unfortunately, the hotel was closed (opens again next weekend) but we had a lovely walk along the beach (found even a dead fish). Anyway, our bellies wanted something to amuse them, so we decided to head back to Youghal and pay Ahernes a visit. I haven't been there before but have heard many good things about them so I wanted to see for myself. We went into the seafood bar which is small with about 8 tables. The interior is casual relaxed with neutral colours. The bar leads into the pub. Staff needs a bit of training - although the young girl was lovely but inexperienced. The 'head waitress' was a bit brisk. The menu - of course- was seafood focused with some of the dishes offering fish on the bone (not my favourite way of eating fish to be honest).

Anyhow, Wendy ordered Monkfish & Scampi with salad, sauteed potatoes. It didn't say on the menu that the fish was breaded but it was cooked lovely and the portion was generous. I opted for deep-fried plaice served with root vegetable mash and sauteed potatoes. As I love mashed potatoes, I asked if I can have champ instead. Tartare sauce was served with both dishes.

The fish was cooked very well, my plaice just a bit too long. The sauteed potatoes were fantastic while the champ was nothing to write home about. But the root vegetable mash was out of this world.

Whenever I am in a restaurant and see Banoffi Pie on the menu, I have to order it. I am actually on a mission to find the best Banoffi Pie in Ireland. Ok, to cut it short, Ahernes hasn't got the best....not even near. The base was too crumbly, the toffee not enough cooked and the cream was too synthetic......and it was served with a fruit coulis. I had 2 spoons full and left the rest behind.

Just to let you know, the best Banoffi Pie I ever had, was in Poco Loco (doesn't exist anymore - a bit tragedy in my opinion).

But the crowning of the day was of course Manchester United beating the crap out of Arsenal.....hehehehe...sweet.


Kevin said...

Ive been to the Cliff house once since the major refurbishment, ate in the bar, excellant food and a great wine list to boot.
Have you tried the banoffi from the farmgate in the english market? Thats the best I've come across.

Elke said...

Hi Kevin,
hope you are keeping well. Haven't been in the Farmgate in ages. Have to try it.

The hotel will open at the weekend. Might give it another try.


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