Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bramley Lodge near Fota

Sofie and I were meeting the other day in Bramley Lodge to catch up as I haven't seen her in ages and since Fota is almost midway, we chose to meet there. I have driven by this restaurant a few times and always thought, I should stop and try it out.

The restaurant is located just off the Cork-Waterford Road when you turn off to go to Fota. It is a building that looks older than it is with a lot of character. It has a conservatory and outside seating. The attached car park fills up quickly as lunchers are coming from all sides.

A little shop and bakery is attached which offers all a food lovers could want. Dishes from the menu are available from the shop as well as Arbutus bread and homemade chutneys and sauces.

The atmosphere is busy enough at lunch time but still relaxed. The staff is friendly although not the fastest. Bramley Lodge opens at 7 for breakfast and goes into lunch with closing time around 5ish. The breakfast menu includes the 'Bramley Full' for €9.95 which might be considered a bit steep but the portions are biggish enough. Pancakes are served with cream, maple syrup and wild berry compote which sets you back €4.95.

Lunch includes the 'Soup of the day' for €5.50, sandwiches from €6.50 (€10.50 for the open seafood sandwich), Steak Sandwich sets you back €12.95.

I opted for the Ardsallagh Crostini (€6.96) which was a bit of a disappointment. Simply a slice of rye bread cut in half with a bit of goats' cheese (although it said it would be baguette) with wild berry compote and a hint of garlic. The compote was too liquid and had no 'kick' to it. A bit of vanilla or star anise would have lifted this compote to higher grounds. The 'hint' of garlic disappeared by the time it arrived at the table.

Sofie had the seafood chowder (€6.95) and she enjoyed it very much. It came served with brown bread and butter.

Will I go again....yes, if I am in the area.


michaell said...

Am I missing something here Elke. I wonder was the food good enough to justify €12.95 for a steak sandwich; a crostini @6.95 and Chowder@6.95. These prices are surely from a time when we were all in thrall to the tiger? Reading the review it seems to be very average fare.

Elke said...

Hi Michael, I have to say, no. At least not from what I ate and saw. I have seen it at one of the other tables and it looks a bit sad. The fish cakes were biggish but I couldn't see how the other guest reacted to it.

It is average but not as bad as some other places I have eaten