Monday, March 29, 2010

Girlie Weekend in Kells

Wow, I am still in Kells Mood. Dorothy invited Caz, Angela and myself to her cottage in Kells and we had a ball. It was the most relaxing weekend I had in a long time. Everything was chilled out and we took it all in with a big smile on our faces.

We headed out on Friday evening and Dorothy was the designated driver for the weekend - not that anyone objected. We arrived at the cottage in the dark but when Dor lit the lights, it was as if we arrived in paradise. We could hear the sea although not seeing it. But just to know that it was there was enough. I had prepared some pizza bases and brought along tomato sauce, tomatoes, feta, mozzarella and salami. So my job was to prepare the pizzas and we settled in with some nice wine and enjoyed that reality was left behind.

The next morning was greeted by some sunshine and a fresh sea breeze. Caz and Angie were still in slumber land so Dorothy and myself headed out for a nice walk on the beach which was exactly 2 minutes down the road - why did we return to Cork again????

After Dorothy managed to get the sleepy heads out of bed, we had some nice breakfast of toast, boiled eggs and homemade granola and yogurt. After cleaning up, we headed out for a drive along the really beautiful countryside. We stopped in Cahersiveen as Dor had just received her iPhone and wanted to get some advise from Vodafone.....and since we were 4 girls - we headed to the shops (very successful by the way as I got 2 pair of shoes while Angie got some amazing boots and a jacket - perfect for the festival season. Caz got the most adorable outfit for her little niece). Anyhow, the evening came too soon and we were starving. Dorothy - knowing the area like the back of her hand - took us to The Bridge Bar which has a restaurant 'The Moorings' attached to it. A lovely country pub with a pub menu as well as the a la carte menu of the restaurant. The interior is nautical with fishing nets hanging from the ceiling and ship models being displayed. The choice of both menus was so varied that it took us ages to decide. I opted for deep fried brie with homemade cranberry sauce (€5.95) for starter and fish cakes for main in starter size (7.95). The brie was gooey in the middle with a crunchy crust. The cranberry sauce was sticky and sweet. The fishcakes were made of salmon, mackerel and crabmeat and tasted great. I wasn't too keen on the tatare sauce and asked for garlic mayonnaise instead. Angela went for the homemade garlic bread and deep fried Lemon Sole. The portions were huge and she wasn't able to finish her meal at all. Dorothy and Caz ordered the King Prawns wrapped in filo pastry which were served with garlic mayo and sweet chilli sauce. Both stopped talking while eating - always a good sign ;-). For main Caz opted also for the fish cakes while Dorothy decided on the fish special which was Grilled Plaice served with lemon butter. It looked great and looking at her face it was delicious. The staff was friendly, attentive and made sure that all my questions were answered. A lovely evening.

After heading back to the house, we tried to have some wine, but to be honest, we were sooooo relaxed that we completely tuned out and just enjoyed each others company.

The morning came to quick and it was time again to come back to reality. Girls, we have to do that soon again. Thanks for a great weekend and your company.

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