Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kenmare - Foodie Town Part 2

We spent the night in Davitts B&B (I would call it a boutique hotel) and woke up after a great night sleep and still with a silly smile on our faces from the food we had the night before. I actually wanted to dismantle the bed and take it home with me. It was wonderfully comfy. Anyway, we headed down for breakfast, which was good (just the chef must have been in love as the scrambled eggs and mushroom were oversalted).

At the cafe opening the night before we met one of the women who volunteered at the Bridge Street Co-op Whole Food shop. So we decided to pay the shop a visit. It is a paradise for bakers and cooks alike. The usual suspects of organic and vegan stuff was there (could never warm to the vegan style) but what makes this shop so special is that they have loose flour - unbleached strong flour, self raising, plain, spelt, rye. Rice is loose, pulses, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices and dried fruit. I will definitely pay them a visit when I start my Christmas baking again. They are a non-profit organisation and can offer low prices. A great shop well worth a visit when you are in Kenmare.

And it was again time for lunch - it is amazing how time flies when you have fun. We planned to pay the Kenmare Park Hotel a visit. A jewel in the middle of town. When you enter the hotel and look across the gardens you can forget that you are in a town. Kenmare Park Hotel is member of the Blue Book Ireland and rightfully so. You feel that you left all behind and that time stands still (actually we completely forgot time). We were greeted by the Manager, Rory (completely missed his surname) who remembered Dianne from a previous visit and lead us to the lounge where we ordered our 3 course lunch and I went into heaven again. The food, the service and the surroundings were simply amazing. Bar Manager John Moriarty (who works at the hotel for the last 24 years - wow) looked after us and we enjoyed his attention. He knows the menu in and out, he is very knowledgeable about the history of the building and he is well travelled and had lots of little stories.

You are asking about the food????? Let the photos speak for themselves:

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