Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Food & Wine Christmas Food Show

Last Sunday was the last day of the 3 day long Christmas Show put together by Food & Wine Magazine at the RDS so I thought this is the last chance and off into the car (thanks God for a lovely gentleman who drove all the way through that bad weather).

Anyway, we made it in one piece although slightly delayed which resulted in a lesser entrance fee :-). The Show took place in the main hall of the RDS and some of the stalls had absolutely nothing to do with food, cooking or anything (Redman Designs, Minty Cards, Venture Photography to name only a few) but that of course didn't stop me to enjoy myself nevertheless.

I fell in love with a cooker at the show....oh my God....Drumms had a cooker on display that took my breath away. I was even brave enough to ask for the price (only€10K) and let me tell you, I had dreams about this cooker ever since.

Anyhow, lets talk about some of the things that were new to me.....the Dungarvan Brewing Company had a stall at the show and although I don't really like beer that much - there was this amazing beer called Copper Coast Red Ale - wow...is the only way to describe it. It was fresh and earthy at the same time - these guys know how to make seriously good beer. Check their website for stockists - The Abbot Ale House, Bradley in Northmain Street in Cork have it.

Of course, wine wasn't missing at the show either... a couple of wine merchants had their best on display so I went with my little glass and tasted my way around. One wine stood out a mile....'Club Privado Baron de Ley', a Rioja with rich vanilla flavour combined with a bit of ripe fruit. A smooth finish that lasts quite a bit. You can buy the wine from enowine (€11.50 or €124 for 12).

Another stand tickled my fancy - French Gourmet Food Ltd. had a lovely range of French food like truffles (preserved in a jar), Truffle infused olive oil (not the cheap stuff), goose fat etc etc etc. They don't have a shop but do online service only.

Jamie Oliver wasn't missing (at least his stall wasn't)... If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver - why not throw a Jamie Oliver Party????? Nope, he willnot come and say pukka but you can have a Jamie at Home Party like the good old Tupperware parties... The rep for Ireland is Elaine Noble and parties can be held anywhere in Ireland. You can contact her jahireland@gmail.com

Most interesting and completely new to me was Caveman Super Foods - who producing high protein beef snacks. The meat is gradually dehydrated and sold in bags of 100g up to 1kg. I forced Terence to try it (I am a veggie as you all know) and he actually liked it (to be honest, it looks a bit like dog treats). But it is supposed to be a very good high protein snack suitable for athletes.

Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols had big stalls as well with their Christmas ware....if you like a bit of luxury, pay them a visit, you won't be disappointed but make sure your credit card is handy....

There were of course loads more to see and taste but too much to write it all down. Was I impressed???? No. Was I entertained??? Definitely. Did I learn new things??? Not really. Will I go again???? Yeap cause I love it :-)

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Lukas said...

Hi, we are delighted you liked our dried beef products displayed at the Food & Wine X-mas show.

We sell it in bags like that as a ready to eat snack. The protein content vary between 49 - 52%, the only other natural protein source that high would be the white of an egg, now try carying that around in your gym bag.

This might be new to Ireland but would be the oldest method to preserve food, going back to the times where big antelope and deer were hunted, the only way to preserve the meat without refrigeration would be to cut it in strips, rub it with coarse salt and hang it up to dry.

It is realy the best source of natural protein you'll find. We also do some other very interesting snacks using the biltong and would be delighted to join one of your tasting evenings and have some of this on display.

Lukas - Caveman Supersnacks