Monday, January 31, 2011

Fenn's Quay

We had plans for last Friday - Cinema, popcorn and back home as the big freeze is not really inviting to stay out too long. But destiny had other plans for us. We were too early (or too late) for the King's Speech, so we decided that a nice meal instead might be on the agenda.

As I had read on Facebook that Fenn's Quay has introduced a new menu, we decided to try it out. And it was the best decision of the night. Warm and inviting as always, Kevin came to greet us (always nice to be recognised and welcomed). We went into the back part of the restaurant and were given the menu....and the debate started....what to order. So many nice, yummy things on the menu made it really hard to choose. I had my heart set on the platter of dips. Fiery tomato-pepper dip, watercress pesto, houmus and garlic marinated olives were waiting to be smothered over lovely toasted bread. I was already in heaven. Terence went for the cauliflower soup with Cashel Blue cheese and the conversation at the table stopped apart from 'hmm', 'yum', 'ohm' etc. As Terence was torn between the soup and the scallops, Kevin suggested to have the scallops as a main which put a smile on his face. I had to make the difficult choice between Potato Rotondo and Baked Cod with Spinach sauce and Champ. The fish was flaky, white and cooked perfectly until I came to the end of the fish (trying to keep the fillet of fish in one thickness makes sure that both ends are cooked evenly). The end was a bit dry - but the taste and combination of the dish was excellent. The scallops came with prawns and a warm puy lentil salad. The scallops still had the coral attached (I always think it is a waste to discard them) and the prawns looked lovely juicy and pink. I wasn't able to snatch any of the lentil salad but the empty plate was evidence enough that they were indeed very tasty.

We were both quite happy to just finish the bottle of El Coto 2006 Rioja (I more than Terence as he was the poor fellow who had to drive us back home, so it was just one glass for him and the rest of the bottle for me - tough life I have I know). The wine had a good balance - silky, velvety with a good aromatic intensity. It didn't matter that I had fish with the wine.

As I had seen on Facebook, Fenn's Quay were offering an Apple Clafouti. I had Cherry Clafouti in France (it is the old classic) but apples go actually quite nice with the lovely dough. A cinnamon mousse was the perfect partner. Hmmm.....happy

Congrats to Kate and Kevin for getting it right - and I am sure that the Michelin Inspector was equally happy when he came to see you.

You can follow Fenn's Quay on Facebook - and make sure you pay them a visit either for a lovely lunch or an even better evening meal

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Kevin said...

Thanks for your kind comments Elke. It was nice to chat to you and Terence.
Look forward to seeing ye again soon.