Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wine Appreciation Course at Curious Wines

Curious Wines are offering a a Wine Appreciation Course run by Jack Barrett.

The course runs for six consecutive Tuesdays at the Curious warehouse and costs €195 for all classes and materials. Though the evenings are relaxed - there’s no exam! - Jack aims, while you sample a selection of bottles chosen to suit the theme of the week, to cover as many aspects of the study and enjoyment of wine as possible:

  • what the label tells you, and what to look out for in restaurants and shops when you don’t know the wines;
  • how to taste wine, including what to look, smell and taste for (including faults) and how to compare one wine with another; and
  • the principal wine regions, and the many factors that decide the character of each wine, from soil and weather to what happens in the cellar.

There’ll be ample opportunity to ask questions and compare notes, and over the course of six weeks you can look forward to a little history, geography, law, science and politics.

Reservations by telephone only on 021 432 0233.

Beginners’ course (Tuesday 01/03/2011 for six weeks) costs €195.


Matt Kane said...

Thanks for mentioning this, Elke! Should be a blast. Jack is fantastic.

Elke said...

Hi Matt, I always enjoyed your winetastings. Won't be able to make it myself as I have something on for most of the days but wish you great success