Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great British Menu is back

From now on for a few weeks I will be clued to the telly from 6:30 until 7:00 - no phone will be answered and not a bit of work will be done for these precious 30 minutes. This year's theme is 'Street Party' with ingredients having to be sourced as locally as possible.

Yesterday's show started with the North East region and chefs Andrew Pern, Stephanie Moon and Tim Bilton created their starter - potted venison with watercress and crisp fennel salad, 'Salmagundi' of North County produce and sticky pigeon breast, forager's relish, hedgerow and beetroot crisps. The Salmagundi (a plate of local produce with a homemade egg mayonnaise) looked like a painting, but I think it is the sticky pigeon breast that Stephanie Moon cooked is my favourite - although she cooked it very pink (don't know many people who would be brave enough to eat the meat like that).

I have had the plan a few years back to cook every year's winning menu - so far I have cooked one of them. Really need to get my skaters on to catch up.... but for the next few weeks - don't expect too much from me as I am watching some amazing chefs celebrating the best of local produce (although it's British - I love it that they celebrate their producers).

Tonight is Fish Night and I can hardly wait to see what these talented chefs are coming up with.

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