Thursday, October 6, 2011

Andre Goichot Fleurie

Since recession has hit home, I have a rule not to spend more than €10 on a bottle of wine and had therefore not spent much on wine - don't get me wrong, I had some good wines but nothing to write home about. That changed last night. Supervalu has special offers on at the moment on half price wines. Terence came home with a bottle of Andre Goichot Fleurie 2009, one of the best Beaujolais regions in France, reduced from €16.99 to €9.99.

The wine has a wonderful smooth feel to it, aroma of rich ripe berries and the taste of spices that reminds me of late autumn. A wonderful wine that I enjoyed in front of the fire last night just on its own. Keep your eyes out for this amazing wine as long as it is on offer in Supervalu.

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