Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Week

The start of last week was very quiet, didn't do much other than tomato chutney. Thursday I was suppose to go to Bubble Brother's wine tasting in the castle but decided instead to pay Cork Free Choice Consumer Group a visit in the Crawford Gallery. Ann Crowley who spent years in the Middle East introduced vegetarian food from Lebanon, Egypt etc. She shared some of her early memories on how food played an important part of everyday life. She was joined by Zico Ali (from Annie's Gastro Pub) who cooked up some amazing dishes and Samah (didn't catch the last name) who told us a bit about Egyptian Christians. There were too many dishes to list them all but I hope that Zico will publish a cook book soon..... (my wishful thinking anyway).

Lorraine invited me to her first wine night in Blarney and it was a great success. We were 6 girls (and all giggly) and each one brought a bottle of white wine. And as always, tastes are different and it was amazing to see how we rated the wines. Forgot to get the overall rating from Lorraine. Anyhow, the food was amazing, the wine kept coming and the company was outstanding....had a great time (only problem was, I had to get up early on Saturday to go to college)

Carol came over last night and we had a lovely bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and had a girly heart to heart. Today is going to be a bit easy. Have to do some studying and meeting some friends later in Mahon....and we are ready for the new week ahead.

Hope ye all had a great weekend as well - keep dining and wining...

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