Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cooking Class II

Last night class in Brennans was simply one of the best organised ones I have seen in a long time. Paul Smith of Isaacs came in with trays and pots and boxes and tons of goodies..his class started bang on time and he managed to cook all the recipes within the time was impressive. He cooked for us Moroccan Lentil Soup (spicy without burning your throat and yummy), Mediterranean Fish Stew with Rouille (never knew stew can taste that good), Tempura of prawn and vegetables with a dipping sauce, Pheasant & Potato Tart with Beurre Blanc Sauce (didn't taste that one but everybody around me had THAT look on their know the one) and finally the bread & butter pudding with creme anglaise (nope, it did not taste like old shoe soaked in milk - it was very light and fluffy actually). Paul even had time to throw in a bonus recipe for panfried prawns with a tomato reduction, garlic butter and chili ginger sauce...which will be put on my own menu, that's for sure.

Paul is a very energetic person who has been with Isaacs for the past 10 years. He explained all the steps of the preparation so that it was easy for everyone to follow - even if you don't have much cooking experience. If you are planning lunch in Isaacs a visit and order the fish stew....check out for more info (they don't seem to be on ).

Claire chose some nice wine to go with the scrumptious food...the white was a Vin D'Alsace Gewurztraminer from Marks & Spencer. As my closest friends will know, I am not the biggest drinker of white...but if it has to be a white I normally go for a good Chablis or for a Gewurztraminer. It is just not always that easy to get hold of. The wine is not too sweet with a tiny bit of sparkle. This wine will be added to our next wine tasting, that's for sure.

The red was a Grenache Noir from the Old Vines Vinyard. 100% Grenache grape and quite fruity but with a chocolaty afternote.... I love a white Grenache (which of course is rose) and this wine followed the same direction without being either too sweet or fruity. This wine is also available from Marks & Spencer.

I have to admit that I did not try the dessert wine on offer....simply because I only have a dessert wine with blue cheese (I know I know, I am a snob ;-)

Next week we will be seeing Lambros from Star Anise waving his magic spoons.....will tell you all about it of course...;-)

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