Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cooking Class

Brennan's Cookery School is running its 'Taste of Cork' classes again and of course, I am part of it. They invite chefs from restaurants around Cork to demonstrate their best dishes and you are normally in for a treat as you can sample all the goodies. Places are limited and this guarantees an atmosphere that makes it easy to connect to other guests and chefs. Last week was the first night of the current series and Seamus O'Connell from the Ivory Tower cooked some lovely fish dishes with red mullet, cuttle fish and ray wing. Tried them all....(still not the biggest fan of cuttle fish, squid or octopus). His Risotto Nero was to die for and the ray wing with thai sauce....out of this world. Claire - who is running the cookery school with charme and her own expertise - offered refreshing drinks (home made of course) and her own sushis (she is giving sushi classes at the school as well - the next one is 26th April). Wine was supplied by Bubble Brothers. The Chinon, my favourite red at the moment was served (check the spreadsheet from our first wine tasting for rating) and some white (sorry, forgot to write down the name) went down very well indeed. Tonight we will be seeing the chef of Isaac's in action....will tell you all about it tomorrow...keep cooking...and while you are at it...check out for their latest brochure. Or go to their website .... hope to see you there....


Julian said...

Hello Elke, Congratulations on the blog. Just recently I was wondering why more people didn't do what you're doing And of course I'm feeling especially friendly towards you because I'm mad about the Chinon too. Great minds think alike and all that.

how not to cook said...

Hi Elke,

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