Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Denis Cotter's New Cookbook

As you all know, I love cookbooks and actually collect them. My latest book is Wild Garlic, Gooseberries and me from Denis Cotter (owner of Cafe Paradiso in Cork). What a treasure....if you - like me - love vegetables. This cookbook seems quite a personal one as he describes his journey to become a chef as well as deep insights into the different vegetable groups. I have tried already one recipe - the Sunchoke Soup with truffle oil - and it was yummy as everything else I ever eaten in Cafe Paradiso. He introduces his farmer Ultan Walsh who seems to be genius with gardening as he produces fantastic vegetables. His farm is Gort-Na-Nain, Ballyherkin, Nohoval, Kinsale and he also runs a B&B there. I have to go there at one stage and may it just be to get some seeds of him....check out his farm at .

Anyway, this book is now at my bedside table and as you can imagine, I have a big smile on my face when going to sleep. Only negative comment I have to make, is that he doesn't provide photos of all the vegetables especially new varities. And some of them might be very hard to source here in Cork unless you go to see Ultan about it. but since I am Denis' best and biggest fan ever ever....I still love the book to bits...

By the way, sunshokes can be bought in the English Market at the Organic Shop and truffle infused oil is available from Tesco (although Mr Bell in the English Market might have some as well).

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