Monday, February 4, 2008

Hardwood Restaurant

I have heard a lot of praise for the Hardwood Restaurant, so I thought that it was time to check it out. Wendy came along with me last Saturday and we enjoyed a very delicious brunch. The menu for the brunch isn't very long but it was still difficult to choose. They have the typical 'fry-up' but also French Toast and Pancakes with the end Wendy and myself opted for the French Toast. I had good French Toast and I had bad ones......this one was definetely one of the better ones.....not eggy at all, generous marple syrup without drowning the whole dish, nicely toasted and with fresh - yeap fresh - strawberries and blueberries. I ordered orange juice - and although I am not a fan of orange juice - wow it tasted like summer in Spain....Wendy's Latte came with a tiny winy but elegant biscuit and she enjoyed it....two very happy ladeeezz left the restaurant after almost 2 hours.....

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