Monday, March 31, 2008

Great British Menu

Since the last 2 weeks I am watching the Great British Menu (Weekdays BBC2 at 6:30pm). This is already the third series and I am glued to the screen as with the last two series. Matthew Fort spent the last 2 weeks tasting his way around Britain to find chefs to take part in the competition (hard job, glad he likes his job ;-). Anyway, he has found his 14 contestants and here they are:
South West: Elisha Carter & Chris Horridge
Northern Ireland: Danny Millar & Noel McMeel
London: Jason Atherton & Atul Kocchar
Wales: Angela Hartnet & Stephen Terry
North: Nigel Haworth & Anthony Flinn
Scotland: Matthew Gray & Tom Kitchin
Central: Sat Baines & Glynn Purnell
The dishes served to Matthew Fort were incredible just to look at and not for the first time did I ask for a TV that submits also smell ;-). The imagination of the chefs promises a fantastic competition. The final menu will be served to Heston Blumenthal and his guests in the Gherkin in London.
This week is the start of the 'proper' cooking as the chefs have to cook a 4-course meal which they have to present to the judges on Friday....guess what I am doing the coming 6 weeks....;-)
Check out for more details and some of the recipes already cooked.

I assume that there will be a cookbook accompanying the series as it did with the first 2 series (although I only got the first one).

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