Monday, March 31, 2008

2nd Wine Tasting

Sorry for taking so long this time to update this blog but I was offline for the last week. Anyway, we had our 2nd wine tasting evening on the 22nd March and wasn't it full of surprises again... It seems we found a star and no, it is not the Champagne we drank first (Veuve Clicquot) and not the Le Spiaggiolie but the dessert wine La Caliera. Sweet and smooth did it find its way to our taste buds and put a smile on everyones face. I normally don't get excited about dessert wines as most of them are too sweet for my taste but this one was a big surprise indeed. We tasted it chilled with lemon tarts, cheese cake and of course blue cheese and it complemented each flavour perfectly. Most of the whites we have tried that night didn't make it to our fav list as they were mostly dull without any excitement whatsoever. And whoever gave me the Vino de Mesa.....seriously......I have had my fair share on bad wines but this one takes the crown of bad wines.... I can only say ...YUK...and I was not alone with my opinion. A lovely surprise was a wine suggested by Anita who's husband is from Sardinia. Lidl has a lovely Sardinian wine called Cannonau and for only €6.99 a bargain that should find its way into your shopping basket. A complete list of the wines tasted and the rating for each can be found on

We also welcomed a new 'member'. Sofie came for the first time and I really hope she enjoyed it.

For all who are more interested in the food...we had vegetarian springrolls (my first ones ever made), onion tarts with goat's cheese, blinis with caviar (for the Champagne of course), risotto balls with mozzarella, chicken balls with dipping sauce and lots of other things. Even had sushi which we never managed to get out as we were stuffed already and everyone wanted to leave room for the lemon tarts.

Email me on if you would like to receive a copy of our wine booklet which we publish for each wine tasting. Here you will find information about wine, wine regions and we also started a wine quiz.

Happy wining

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Julian said...

I hope that's not our vino de mesa.