Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Celebration Time

I have reason to celebrate today....because I passed my driving test today - and at the first attempt. I am so over the moon. And as I got my big box of wine yesterday from Germany (will tell you more about the wine later), I think there is double reason to open a bottle. Since the day is so lovely, it screams for a rose. So I will open the bottle of Syrah of Le Jamelles from France and at 4.95 a real bargain (wasn't the only one who found that as it is sold out now). Check out www.hawesko.de . They ship to Ireland but even with the postage it come cheaper than bying some wine here. The bottles were packed securely and survived the trip. So I have chilled the Syrah and will celebrate my new driver's license.

And I bet that the wine will even help me over the pain of a swollen ankle (fell yesterday and heavenly bandaged now - but due to the fact that I am driving an automatic....the test went still ahead). So now I am sitting in the garden (mum got me a big tub of Ben & Jerry's as a passing gift and I am almost in heaven......George Clooney would make this day perfect ;-)

Will tell you all about the wine in the next few days.


Julian said...

Congratulations! It's no mean feat to pass a driving test here. Happy, safe driving to you. Rosé and ice cream are very good treatments for a hurt ankle I think.

Elke said...

Thank you so much Julian. Yeah, I have to admit, the ice cream and the wine eased the pain a lot. ;-) And I am so happy that I passed the test, was dead nervous.

Anonymous said...

"George Clooney would make this day perfect "


Have a good week,

P.S. I am curious about your german wine-box you received.

Elke said...

Hi Martin, the box of wine came from Hanseatisches Weinkontor in Hamburg. Even with the postage and packaging costs the wine was still cheaper than here in Ireland compared to the same quality. I used to be a member of the Weingewolbe Berlin when I lived there and I have to say I miss this kind of environment here in Ireland..

Have a good week too ;-)


Anonymous said...


the Hanseatisches Weinkontor is okay. Here is a dealer called Pinar de Picard and in my view much better.


AND a strong recommendation for a fantastic german Riesling which offers a terrific PQR for 10 Euro.


Anonymous said...

P.S. my TN

Elke said...

Your blog is already on my cool blog list for a couple of days. I love your wine reviews. Will check Pinar de Picard out. The offer sounds great.

Happy wining ;-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry, go to my archive and then to 8. Mai and look for 2007 Van Volxem "Saar Riesling".