Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weekend what a weekend. ....Saturday I won €31 in the lotto and went straight to Austin to get some nice wine (which didn't have time to drink in the end). He recommended La Marescialla Barbera Asti which I will definitely have tomorrow afternoon. Anyway, I also paid the farmer's market a visit and got some lovely cheese from a cheese maker in Carrigaline. Which went well with the Chianti I got from Car & Kate. Was a bit heavy and you had to have it with some food....

I then picked up my two nieces, Sarah & Rachel, and we had a lovely girlie afternoon spent with painting the glasshouse door in all kind of colours, baking the most marvellous chocolate filled muffins ever made and making the most amazing father's day cards. Linda picked the girls up just after 6 and I was ready for the couch ;-) and the wine.

Sunday....oh Sunday was just wonderful. Met Kate at the Escape Spa and we had the most amazing treatments including a dry, I think I am moving in there. After the treatment we were served a mango sorbet and it was so nice and not too sweet...We then treated ourselves to lunch in the Pembroke (Imperial Hotel) where I had baked stuffed mushrooms in a lemon butter sauce, pasta with tomato sauce (the only vegetarian option on the menu for the main course) and the dessert was a lovely Creme Brulee. Kate had avocado with a salsa as a starter and choose the peppered beef fillet for the main. She also went for the creme brulee which we both enjoyed a lot. We choose a Bel Air Bordeaux 2005 - nice but nothing to write home about.
So after all that I was ready to watch the match of the day.....Man U against Wigan....and to win the title they had to win and they did not disappoint.......Carol came over to watch the game but as we both had to use the car later on we couldn't celebrate in style...which we have to do soon.

So all in all I had a great weekend and I am ready to face the week with a big smile on my face ....Hope you all had a great weekend as well.....(but I bet not as good as mine)

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