Thursday, May 29, 2008

Want to bake but can't??

Caroline from Bibliocook pointed me to a new TV show coming up. Cactus TV is looking for people who want to bake but have problems doing so. Cactus TV are looking for people to learn to bake as part of a new cookery series – so if you’d like to pick up some top tips from a TV chef, are aged between 20-40, are available at weekends in June, and live in or around Cork, then email Cactus with a photo ASAP at stating your name, address, age, and why you’d love to be part of the baking school.
I love baking and thanks God it is not a mystery to me (except scones - they never worked for some reason. They taste great but don't look the best).
Go for it.....and let me know about it.....

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