Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ancient 'Holy Wine' Factory found

Two wine presses found in Egypt were likely part of the area's earliest winery, producing holy wine for export to Christians abroad, archaeologists say. Read more....


Kevin said...

Hi there,

Just about your restaurant vote, it's a great idea, but you should give more choice.



Elke said...

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the vote. Will add some more restaurants next time.


Irish Wine Contemplations said...


What is the best restaurant in Cork these days?
I can't think of any really in the city centre that I would call, 'Top Class'. There are plenty of good places for fun meals but is their actually anywhere of a really high standard? I've heard that Flemings can be good but I've never thought the likes of Ivory Tower / Jacobs / Jacques / Hayfield Manor etc... to be anywhere near the higher echelon of food. I've enjoyed Ballymalloe, Loungeville House and Fishy Fishy quite a lot but they're a bit far away to be considered in Cork (or are they)? Any thoughts?


p.s. I like the votes, I think their a great idea but as kevin said more choices would be nice.

Elke said...

Hi Will,

Thanks for the feedback. Will add more this week.

Have you ever been to Longeville House? It is not in Cork City but near Mallow. The food is outstanding and the surroundings are great. Check out
In Cork City I love Cafe Paradiso and Ivory Tower. Simply because they are very innovative with the food. Jacobs is for me a bit too corporate but the food is excellent. Hayfield Manor would be my best bet to get High Class in food and surroundings. I also love Star Anise but you might end up with a noisy group next table. The restaurant is very small so there is no escape when you have an office party at the next table. But the food makes up for it.

Are you coming this weekend for the Taste of Cork??? Let me know for which restaurant you decide and how it went.



Irish Wine Contemplations said...


I've been to Longueville and was suitably impressed... Their winelist has some great treasures on it that are very reasonably priced! I'm almost always disappointed by Hayfield Manor and while I enjoy the Ivory Tower I feel that each dish is a complete lottery (it could be brilliant or totally crap). I quite like Star Anise too but certainly wouldn't consider it fine dining.

I won't be down for the Taste Of Cork, as I'll be in Kerry next weekend. I look forward to hearing how it goes!