Monday, June 30, 2008

Atul Kochhar's Simple Indian

While at the Taste of Cork last Saturday, I met Marjorie and Gordon again. Haven't seen them in a long time and we had of course a lot of catching up to do. Gordon is a fantastic cook himself and being Anglo-Indian, cooks amazing Indian food. I invited Marjorie and Gordon to the BBQ on Sunday and they brought along Atul Kocchar's Simple Indian Cookbook.

If you have followed the Great British Menu over the last 3 years, you will have come across him as he was competing in 2006 and 2007. Anyway, the book lists recipes from his childhood, food he has eaten on his travels through India and dishes he serves in his Restaurant in London . M & G have of course been already to Benares and loved it. They made my mouth watering and I will have to book a table when in London end of the month.

The book is divided into starter, main courses (divided in meat, fish and poultry), vegetables & pulses, accompaniments and desserts. The recipes are clearly written without any fuss. The lists of ingredients don't frighten the hell out of you and most of them are available here in Cork. I will definitely try the Coorgi Vegetable Puffs and the roasted Paneer. He doesn't give a recipe for paneer which you have to make yourself as I haven't come across it in Cork. You can find the recipe here.
That brings me to Green Saffron. If you go to Farmer's Markets you will have met Arun Kapil. He is a colourful person, chatty and helpful beyond expectations. His spice mixes are simply outstanding and it takes the hassle out of roasting and grinding your own spices. Each spice pack comes with easy to follow recipes. Got chicken in your fridge....within 30 minutes you can have an easy Tikka Massala. I love his Garam Masala Mix which I use for my flavoured Basmati rice. Green Saffron is located in Midleton and tey offer regular 'Curry Nights'. Their website doesn't seem to be 'live' at the moment but you can contact them on 021/4637960 or email

Happy cooking

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