Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chocolate Anyone ??

Anita invited me over tonight and so I was thinking what to bring...I know she loves chocolate so I decided to try something new....a chocolate mousse terrine....For that I roasted and skinned some hazelnuts and processed them together with a tablespoon of flour and some caster sugar until well combined. Eggwhites were whisked with Creme of Tartar and some more caster sugar until stiff. Folded the nut flour into the eggwhites, poured it all into a square tin and baked it for about 20 minutes. White and milk chocolate was melted separately and each was mixed with dissolved gelatine and an egg yolk each. I added some vanilla extract to the milk chocolate. The meringue was cut into slices and then put on the bottom of a loaf tin (I used individual ones) and then layered with the two types of chocolates - separated by another slice of hazelnut meringue). All that was put in the fridge to set and this morning a very attractive terrine smiled at me....hope that Anita will love this type of mousse
Anyhow....I have no idea what else is on other than that the Crosshaven Week and the Arts Week in Kinsale are at their height this weekend and that I will cook dinner tomorrow night for Lorraine, Jill and Wendy (still owe Wendy a proper dinner since the last time, she had to eat between piles of fabric for hand puppets ;-) . So watch this space for a review of the weekend.

All of you out there.....have fun at the weekend....and enjoy good food and wine...


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Hey that looks so good!! How did it go with the guests? I was half expecting a photo of some pleased faces with cholate round their mouths!

Elke said...

Thanks ...the terrine was a big success with Anita. It was light, nutty and rich at the same time.

Not sure what you mean with linking names...if you leave a comment, you are asked to add your name and if you add a webpage address it should link to it. Hope this is what you wanted to know.

Happy dining


Chocolate Lover said...

I absolutely love chocolate and the chocolate in those pictures looks lovely.
I hope to organise a chocolate dinner party myself soon in England.

Sauna man said...

Where did this great sounding dinner party take place? Recipes look good. Wish I was invited!
Are there any food buffs from Wales, UK on here?