Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cinnamon Club

While visiting Marjorie and Gordon.....I had a peak through their cookbooks and came across the Cinnamon Club Cookbook. I have heard tons of hype about this restaurant but never managed to get a table when in London. So I took the book to bed and started to read....haven't made it to the recipes in our first night together but the introduction was worth letting the recipes wait.
Iqbal Wahhab explains in detail how his idea of opening a different kind of Indian Restaurant came to life and how he went about to realising his dream. He is telling the story how he met Vivek Singh in the Rajvilas Hotel and how he lured him away from sunny India to cloudy London.

When I got up the next morning I wanted to know if either Marjorie and Gordon have been there and I heard all about the Indian Food Scene in London (where they used to live). Anyhow, they both saw my face and allowed me to take my new best friend home with me....and so far I have read it front to back - cover to cover and the recipes sound so yummy.. one of the recipes I am going to try is chickpea dumplings in saffron this space for a review on this recipe....and of course, my next visit to London has to include a visit to the Club of Cinnamon...

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