Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's on

Finally the weekend is here (and I am not wishing my life away :-). I just need a break. Week was very busy. John's little boy will be christened at the weekend and he asked me to provide the chocolates for little favours. So I made white vanilla truffles and milk chocolates filled with hazelnut truffles. A few years ago, a friend of mine went to the States to visit his sister and I beg him to get me some stuff from Wilton as they do not ship outside US (now you can get it in Brennan's). Anyway, he got me some moulds for chocolates. But now they are getting old (were just dead cheap stuff to begin with) and it is a nightmare to get the chocolate out of the mould. So if anyone knows where I can get professional second hand moulds...I'll take them. I also need a tempering machine as the 'cheap' method doesn't work anymore (adding cold chocolate to the melted one)...Since I love making them, I think I should invest in some good equipment....anyway, what else is on...

NO IDEA....was so busy that the world passed me by.....

I only know that the annual Lee Swim Registration Deadline is tomorrow. The swim itself takes place 19th July....Check for registration info or call into Vibes & Scribes (Bridge Street or Lavitt's Quay).

I for my part will take it dead easy this weekend. Will meet with Wendy tomorrow morning (and maybe Carol and Sofie are joining us) and we will head to Fire & Ice in Midleton for some nice breakfast, brunch or early lunch....depending what time we are getting there. Will of course have a stroll through the market - haven't been there in such a long time.

And that's it for now....wishing you all a great weekend ;-)

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