Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gadget Website

In one of the magazines I read every month (foodie ones) I got a little brochure for a mail order service called Useful Stuff . They have lots of gadgets like Smokers in different sizes for smoking food at home. The brochure even had a recipe for smoked salmon in it. I never smoked any food (although it is not very difficult if you know how to) as I am not so keen on smoked flavours.

They even sell a portable BBQ for when you go to the beach...not that we will be heading to be beach any time soon considering the weather forecast for the delightful price of £ 97....

They also have a French Fry Express. The last time I saw that I was at a gentle age of 11 (my dad loves freshly made chips and we had one of these....and the good news.....they do deliver to Ireland (just contact them first for the delivery costs as they are not stated on the website)
Have fun browsing through the site ;-)


Caroline@Bibliocook said...

We had one of those chip-making things too! I remember my mum using it to make chips at some stage - probably as part of an economy drive during the (last) recession - but that was back when I wouldn't eat potatoes...oh, so long ago!

Elke - we've a series of farmers' market talks coming up in URRU next week if you're about. More information on Bibliocook.

Elke said...

Checked it out...a great idea to have talks with the producers. I will definetely try to attend at least one of them.

See you soon