Friday, July 11, 2008

What's on

One could think I don't like this week was full of kidding. Didn't do much during the week - not even cooking, apart from the odd pasta dish. But now I got the weekend ahead of me......and hopefully the weather fairies have a bit pity on me and send down some proper sunshine...anyway.....what else is on???
  • Oxygen starts today (I think) and I really cross my fingers for the weather (purely selfless of course). The lineup looks very impressive once more with Amy Winehouse, Paddy Casey, Kings of Leon and REM being among the bands....the first campers have already arrived, I heard.
  • For the brave ones.....the Lee Swim is on tomorrow. Originally held in 1914, the 2005 event drew 110 swimmers and crowds in excess of 5,000. The 2006 event drew 250 swimmers. This year the Lee Swim Organising Committee is planning for 400 swimmers! 'Take Off' is at 5:15
  • Kinsale Art Week is on as well and runs until next week. The Art week will kick of with a spectacle of Fire on Water..
  • The Lisselan Golf Open Week kicks off on Sunday in Clonakilty....
  • The Farmers Market in Mallow is on this Saturday (runs bi-monthly)

I will not be doing much really. Will go to the Farmer's Market in Mallow, paying Urru a visit in the process and will head towards Clonakilty in the afternoon to pay Marjorie and Gordon a visit (the poor souls invited me for the weekend - little do they know :-). Haven't been to Clon in a long time (the last time was a flying visit) so I am really looking forward discovering all the treasure of the place.

That's for me now....have a great weekend and I hope you'll let me know how your weekend went.

By the way, Deborah from let me know that there is a OpenCoffeeClub-BBQ on next week - Wednesday to be precise and they are looking for some volunteers. Read more how to participate here

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